What is Whole Real Food?

Like any words, Whole Real Food conjures up a variety of images.
Some will think about eating a whole pizza or a whole bag of cookies.
Real can refer to anything with a physical presence. Those chips aren’t imaginary; they’re real!
When I think of Whole Real Food I think:

  • Whole: as much as possible, the entire food is intact, skins, seeds, cores, etc. It is processed as little as possible, including freezing, cooking, drying, frying, or adding or subtracting anything.
  • Real: there are no artificial chemicals and preservatives, no pesticide residues and no genetically modified organisms. Organic growing principals are practiced (although pure organic is impossible in our polluted world!) Animals are raised humanely and are not sick and diseased.
  • Real food usually doesn’t come in a box or bag with bright colours, ingredients lists and lies, otherwise known as marketing.
  • Your great-grandmother would recognize it as food.
  • It is not stripped of its natural nutrients nor is it “fortified” with unnatural nutrients.