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shelley-red-coat-croppedWelcome to Whole Real Food.com
This site name truly says it all: Whole Real Food.

That’s my philosophy. I believe the majority of diseases can be prevented, managed, and/or cured through the consumption of Whole Real Food.
Sadly, many people have no idea what Whole Real Food is.

They’ve never tasted a tomato off the vine or a garden carrot that they’ve wiped on their pants to clean. They’ve never picked a ripe strawberry and eaten it right there in the strawberry patch.

They never think about the journey taken by their meat from hoof to plate. They are ignorant of the health repercussions of eating meat that is contaminated with hormones and antibiotics and/or diseased.

They think government and food processing companies care about their well-being.

As obesity rates skyrocket and chronic illnesses escalate to unprecedented levels, I’ve felt there is a need for common-sense, unbiased (that is, unattached to a trail of money) education on healthy eating.

So I decided to share my 35+ years of studying food and experimenting on myself and my family and friends. Nothing crazy! We mostly eat whole real foods and we try eliminating certain foods to see if we feel different.

We have all learned so much. We’ve also solved many decades-old health problems. We’ve erased years from our faces and our insides too by eating whole real food.

Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” thousands of years ago. It’s still true but we have lost connection with our food.

If you are interested in learning how food can heal your body, mind and spirit sign up to receive my weekly (or so) updates on WholeRealFood.com.

In the meantime, I urge you to eat the Food, the Whole Food, and Nothing But the Food!


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